WWW FAQs: What screen resolution should I design for?

2006-05-06: last month (April 2006) on www.boutell.com, the breakdown of screen resolutions among visitors was as follows:

Screen ResolutionPercentage
640x480 and below0.13%
1600x1200 and above3.68%

Similar figures from a broader range of sources can be found on Chuck Upsdell's Browser News website.

While 1024x768 is clearly the dominant screen resolution, 800x600 is still relevant; the technical nature of our website probably skews the results in favor of larger screens. Any website design that is unusable at 800x600 is not a good design. Websites should also take into account the very small screen sizes of handheld devices and the needs of blind users using speech-enabled browsers; a well-designed web site is still useful even when the browser lacks support for "eye candy."

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