WWW FAQs: How do I fix a "no XLB binding for browser" error?

2004-08-12: this error occurs with the Mozilla (any version), Firefox (any version), and Netscape 6.x or higher browsers when a bad user interface theme is installed. You can fix this problem by following all of these steps, in order:

1. Restart your computer. Do not start your web browser. If it starts automatically, exit it completely.
2. Select "search" from the start menu.
3. Select "all files and folders."
4. Click "more advanced options."
5. Select "search hidden files and folders."
6. Search for: "FireFox"
7. Open the FireFox folder.
8. Open the "Profiles" folder within it.
9. Open the "default" folder within that, or your profile name if you are using separate profiles for separate users.
10. Open the folder within that which has a name ending in .slt. Only one folder will have such a name.
11. Delete the folder "chrome" within that folder.
12. Close up the windows involved and restart your browser.

For more information, see the excellent Pizzach's Mozilla FireFox themes site.

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