Downloading Mapedit

Mapedit is available for many different operating systems, please download the appropriate version.

"Help! I don't understand how to download this."

Read the hints below, then click on the appropriate link above.


If you see this dialog box, or one like it, click on "Open" and accept the suggested filename. When the download completes, the installation program will begin to run. Alternatively, you may choose "Save." If you choose this option, you will need to locate map32dst.exe where you chose to save it and double-click it to start the installation program. You do not need to keep map32dst.exe after you run the installation program.

Unix users: If you downloaded one of the Unix versions of Mapedit, save it as mapedit.tar.gz and type gunzip mapedit.tar.gz and tar -xf mapedit.tar to unpack it. Then see the readme.txt file.