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Probat Hits It Big

In February of 1997, coffee roaster manufacturer Probat's stock split sixfold. As the President and CEO of Probat, Inc., Probat the Cat was due for major corporate rewards! Here's Probat with her share of the profits.

But seriously folks: the real Probat, Inc., discovered our cat while searching for references to their company on the net. Probat's wonderful staff promptly sent us a nifty care package for the kitty.

"Next, we're going for the Miata." -- Bill Griffith, creator of Zippy the Pinhead, after Snapple, Inc., sent him several cases of Pink Lemonade. (One of Zippy's comrades is a "snapple-guzzlin' twelve-stepper.")

But We Knew Her When...

Probat was adopted from Seattle Animal Control 20 April 1996. We think she was an unwanted member of a second litter (late fall 1995?), thrown away in early April. Or perhaps she simply wandered away from home and couldn't find her way back. She was skinny when we found her and becomes very nervous when brought outside. She's gained weight and is a lot larger now than she was in these photos.

We'd originally named her "Solstice," but that name is too long and quiet for this young, active cat. The name "Probat" refers to the manufacturer of a coffee bean roaster at our favorite espresso place. Currently, Probat's duties for Boutell.Com include supervising envelope stuffing sessions and, well, sleeping most of the day. She also investigates incoming faxes.

Probat disdains pop film.

Probat loves to get back to nature, where she JUST HAPPENS to be naked and have a cameraman on hand!

Probat is fawned over by one of her fans.

In the background is an Atari 2600, hastily repaired; the case hadn't been reattached yet. Yes, I am a Big Geek. What tipped you off, the software company?

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