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Philly needs an up-to-date listing of currently active karaoke DJ nights and karaoke lounges run by someone who actually sings karaoke. So here it is.

If the listing has a icon, you can click it to explore the DJ's songbook. Pick out your songs in advance! Philly DJs, contact me to be included in this service free of charge.

Not all venues have karaoke every week. Read the hours carefully. Call the venue to make sure there is karaoke tonight! The websites of bars are almost always out of date. This page is a much better bet, but calling is your best option.

Found an error? Please tell me. Thanks!

Karaoke DJ Nights

See below for lounges.

Sunday McGillin's 1310 Drury Lane
(215) 735-5562
9pm-1:30am DJ Joe H
Bob and Barbara's 1509 South St
(215) 545-4511
9pm-2am DJ Sara Sherr
Starts 10/3/10
Locust Bar 10th and Locust
(215) 925-2191
7pm-midnight DJ Lars
Marathon Grill10th & Walnut
(215) 733-0311
9pm- All Around Sound
Ly Michael's 101 N. 11th St
(215) 922-2688
10pm-midnight DJ Billy Wong
The Abbaye637 N. 3rd St.
(215) 627-6711
Monday Upstairs at the Khyber 56 S. Second St
(215) 238-5888
Tabu 200 S 12th St
(215) 964-9675
9:30p-1:30a DJ Sara Sherr
Smokey Joe's 210 S. 40th St
(215) 222-0770
11pm-2a DJ Mike of Ryan Rhythm
Tuesday Trocadero Balcony Bar 1003 Arch St.
(215) 922-LIVE
9pm-1:30am last Tues. of month Full stage. Great for groups. Last Tuesdays only! Check site first.
12 Steps Down 831 Christian St.
(215) 238-0379
9pm-2am DJ Sara Sherr.
Marmont Steakhouse 222 Market St.
(215) 923-1100
9pm-1:30am DJ Joe H. Starts 8/17/10
National Mechanics 22 South 3rd St.
(215) 701-4883
9pm-1:30am DJ Nick
My Blue Heaven 2762 E Pacific Street 9pm-? Parks
New Deck Tavern 3408 Sansom St.
(215) 386-4600
10pm-2am DJ Mike of Ryan Rhythm
Tavern On Camac 243 S. Camac St.
(215) 545-0900
10pm-2am Penny Productions. Gay bar.
Liberty Bar 2204 Market St
(215) 496-9797
8:30pm-close All Around Sound
Wednesday South Philly Bar & Grill 1235 East Passyunk Ave
(215) 334-3300
9pm- DJ Jerry Luv
Lyon's Den 848 S 2nd St
(215) 467-0100
9pm-1:30am DJ Andre
New Wave Cafe 784 S 3rd St
(215) 922-8484
10pm-1:30am DJ Hannah
Finnigan's Wake 547 N 3rd St
(215) 574-9317
9:30pm-1:30am All Around Entertainment
Barristers 1823 Sansom St
(215) 496-0786
Oharas Fish House 3900 Chestnut St
(215) 349-9000
McGillin's 1310 Drury Lane
(215) 735-5562
9pm-1:30am DJ Joe H
5th St. Cafe N 5th St & W Rockland St
(215) 456-9324
9pm-1am DJ Joey Hart
Good Times 2 66th and Lansdowne 8pm-11pm All Around Sound
Raven Lounge 1718 Sansom St
(215) 840-3577
5:45pm-9:45pm (early!) Last Wed. ONLY
Thursday Doc Watson's 216 S 11th St
(215) 922-3427
9pm- All Around Sound
Tabu 200 S 12th St
(215) 964-9675
9:30p-1:30a DJ Sara Sherr
Landmark Americana 3333 Market St
(215) 222-4500
9pm-2am DJ Sara Sherr
North Bar 222 South St
(215) 238-0299
9:30pm-1:30am DJ KJ Alison
Samba 714 Girard Av
215 625-7900
Sisters 1320 Chancellor St
(215) 735-0735
10pm-1amDJ Suzi Nash. Lesbian bar
Westy's 15th & Callowhill
(215) 563-6134
Applebees 215 S. 15th
(215) 772-2790
9pm-mid. DJ Joey Hart
Isla Verde Cafe 2725 N. American St.
(215) 426-3600
9pm-2am English and Latin
Ly Michael's 101 N. 11th St
(215) 922-2688
10pm-midnight DJ Billy Wong
Reales Sports Bar 7233 Frankford Ave
9:30pm-1:30am DJ Tom
Friday Ray's Happy Birthday Bar 1200 E. Passyunk Ave
(215) 365-1169
10pm-1:30am DJ Lars
Heavy smoking
Off the Clock Cafe 5950 N. 2nd St
(267) 968-2754
9pm-1am DJ Joey Hart
Luke's Bar 2434 Cedar St
(215) 634-2106
9pm-1:45am DJ Joe H
Saturday Pure (Karaoke Blvd) 1221 Saint James St
(215) 735-5772
9:30pm-1:30am DJ Natasha. Gay club. Cover for nonmembers. See web site.
Moriarty's 1116 Walnut St. 2nd Floor
(215) 627-7676
9pm-1:30am DJ Bobby B smokefree
Adobe Cafe 1919 E. Passyunk Ave 9:30pm-2am Starts 7/31/10
Luke's Bar 2434 Cedar St
(215) 634-2106
9pm-1:45am DJ Joe H
Westy's 15th & Callowhill
(215) 563-6134
Downey's 526 S. Front St.
(215) 625-9500
Blarney Stone 3929 Sansom St
(215) 222-5340
10pm-1:30am Packed after midnight
Elephant & Castle 1800 Market St. Sat. 10pm-1am by Ryan Rhythm
Happy Tap 1301 E Susquehanna Ave
215 634-1123
9:30pm- Lisa and Jay
2nd Place Tavern Gaul St. and Clementine St.
(215) 423-7878
2nd and 4th Sats. 9pm-1am+ by y5kkaraoke
Fishtown Tavern Frankford St. and Thompson St. 1st Sat. 10pm-1am+ by y5kkaraoke
heavy smoking
Prince Cafe Princeton Av. and Vandike St. 3rd Sat. 9pm-1am+ by y5kkaraoke
Leneghans Inn 7412 Frankford Av. 9pm-2am keepemdancing
Stevenson's Place 4300 Comly St
(215) 743-5561
10pm-2am DJ Neil

Karaoke Lounges

What is a karaoke lounge? A karaoke lounge is a facility offering private karaoke rooms. There is no DJ, just a system you set up yourself. The usual thing is to rent a room for the night with a group of friends. This is common in Tokyo, New York and other places but it's new to Philly.

Yakitori Boy / Japas211 N. 11th
215 923-8088
7 days
Lounge: $1/song
Private: $30/6 - $70/20 per hr
Full- service Japanese restaurant downstairs
Half price private rooms Sun-Thurs 5pm-9pm
New Harmony135 N 9th St
(215) 627-4520
7 days
Private: $15/person flat rate includes dinner and karaokeAll-vegetarian menu. Dinner included. Reservations required
Parties of 10-30 people

Understanding the rates: $30/6 means $30 for a room that accommodates six people. That's an hourly rate. A "flat rate" covers the entire evening.

Philly Karaoke News


No more karaoke at M.D. McGillicuddy's.


Karaoke is spinning up at Luke's Bar in Fishtown, courtesy DJ Joe H!


Sara Sherr is now hosting karaoke at Tabu on Thursdays, as well as Mondays.


No more karaoke at O'Shea's or McGillin's on Fridays.

Folks, I don't go out singing very often these days, so please do send me updates if you discover a listing is out of date.


Saturday-oke with DJ Bobby B is back in season at Moriarty's.


Take off your black armbands kids— Sara Sherr Sunday-oke is back, this time at Bob and Barbara's, not a bad hike from its former location at the POPE. I'm down with it. Starts 10/3.

Friday Happy Hour karaoke is in effect at Oh Shea's PUb. 5pm-8pm on Fridays. This just might be your after-work meltdown of choice.


AUGH! This Sunday is the last night for DJ Sara Sherr at the POPE in South Philly! I will be wearing a black armband this week.

On the bright side, she's starting up Thursday nights at Landmark Americana in West Philly.


No more karaoke at Tritone.


BEHOLD! Karaoke hath come to the Marmont Steakhouse on Market Street, Tuesday nights with DJ Joe H! Forsooth and all that. Starts 8/17/2010. Joe is also holding forth at JD McGillicuddy's on North 7th Street on Thursdays, starting 8/12.


Karaoke is starting up on Saturday nights at the Adobe Cafe (Passyunk Ave location in South Philly).


The unstoppable Sara Sherr will be hosting karaoke regularly Sunday nights at Pub On Passyunk East (aka POPE) starting July 11th.


DJ Sara Sherr is bringing it Monday nights at Tabu, 200 South 12th Street. Karaoke continues Mondays at the Khyber under new management.


North Bar at 222 South Street is alive with the sound of karaoke on Thursday nights.


Wednesday night Karaoke at Lyon's Den, 848 south 2nd! Queen Village now has karaoke. This is of the good.


One night only: DJ Sara Sherr at the Pope this Sunday 6/7 as part of Philly Beer Week! Beer courtesy of Bell's Brewery. Come on out to Pub On Passyunk East at Passyunk and Dickinson. With your support it might become a regular thing. 9pm-2am, 21+.


No more karaoke at Raw Dawgs.


All hail the onslaught of DJ Sara Sherr at PYT, in the Piazza at 1050 N Hancock St way up nolibs way.


Karaoke returns to 12 Steps Down on Tuesdays, this time with DJ Sara "Karaoke that Doesn't SUCK" Sherr at the helm. Most excellent. Starts Feb. 9th, 2010.


Behold: Monday night karaoke with DJ Joe H at Tritone, 1508 South St. And yet more: Thursday night karaoke at Raw Dawgs, 2nd and Morris Streets, South Philly.


National Mechanics karaoke is back. They are auditioning various DJs in their Tuesday night slot. DJ Sara Sherr is spinning on Dec. 8th.


No more karaoke at National Mechanics on Tuesdays.


Karaoke (and live music) at Tavern 17 is extinct, alas.


K. tells me that Karaoke Obscura is no more. Alas.


All hail the triumphant return of Joe H to Tavern 17!


No more karaoke at Tavern 17.


Veronica points out there is karaoke every Saturday night at Stevensons Place in the Northeast.


Karaoke at Good Times 2 on Wednesdays. Also, O'Hara's Fish House is no more. Thanks to John.


John tells me that the mikes are live at Liberty Bar on Tuesday nights.

Also a big thank you to John for informing me that karaoke is no longer offered at the Aramingo Ave Applebees, Cheers To You, Coley's and Nicholas Tavern. I can't visit every karaoke bar regularly (much as I'd like to), so please take advantage of the venue phone numbers in this directory before walking all over town getting frustrated! And if you come across a listing that is out of date... tell me and help out the next guy. Thanks!


I'm in the karaoke contest at SxSW Interactive! Thank you so much to everyone who voted.

Karaoke nights at Sports on Penrose and Quattro seem to be gone. Thanks to Brian.


Off the Clock Cafe is karaokefied on Friday nights. Thanks to DJ Joey Hart.


Tavern 17 is now a weekly venue. Thanks to Joe for the news.


The New Wave Cafe in Queen Village now features DJ Hannah on Wednesday nights from 10pm. Thanks to Hannah's partner in crime DJ Sara Sherr for the tip.


New Harmony now offers a downstairs banquet room for karaoke dinner parties of 10-30 people. The $15 flat rate includes dinner; it's a good deal! Reservations are required.


DJ Joe H is bringing the karaoke love to Tavern 17 in the Warwick Hotel. Alternating Saturday nights from January 24th.


Sing both English and Latin (Spanish rock, salsa, etc.) karaoke at Isla Verde on Thursdays. Thanks to Emily for the tip.


Karaoke is underway at the Happy Tap in Fishtown, and also at My Blue Heaven. Thanks to Jeanne.


Ken tells me that karaoke has kicked into high gear at the South Philly Bar & Grill, hosted by DJ Jerry Luv on Wednesdays and by DJ Lars on Saturdays.


John tells us that karaoke nights have started up at the Marathon Grill and at Doc Watson's, courtesy of All Around Sound Entertainment.


Chris tells me that karaoke at Moriarty's will return from summer break next Saturday, the 20th of September.


Mike D of keepemdancing is DJing at Leneghans in the Northeast on Saturday nights.


All Around Sound has launched a karaoke night at the Sportz Page Bar & Grill on Tuesdays.


DJ Joey Hart will be spinning karaoke at the Aramingo Ave. Applebees on Saturday nights beginning July 19th. Joey also spins at the 215 S. 15th St. Applebees in Center City on Thursdays.


Ly Michael's is in full-on karaoke mode Thursday through Sunday, from 10pm to midnight (10pm-2am Friday and Saturday).


The Raven Lounge holds a "Karaoke Samurai" smackdown on the last Wednesday of every month. Thanks to seestagirl for the info.


Tavern on Camac hosts karaoke on Tuesday nights. TOC is a gay and lesbian bar located at 243 S. Camac St. Thanks to Michelle of Penny Productions for the tip.


Barristers rocks the mike on Wednesdays at 9:30pm. Thanks to chrissmari.

Although I haven't heard anything official, I haven't seen any sign of karaoke at Cebu in a long time, so I've taken that listing down. If you know different, be sure to squawk.


Ryan Rhythm now offers karaoke every Saturday at Elephant & Castle at 18th and Market. Thanks to Melissa for the news.


DJ Lars is now spinning karaoke at Smokey Joe's on Mondays and at the New Deck Tavern on Tuesdays, in addition to his usual Fridays at Ray's and Sundays at Locust Bar. The New Deck no longer has karaoke on Fridays.

The Philly Roller Girls are throwing a karaoke fundraiser party at Skinners, Tuesday, February 26th at 8pm. Skinners is between 2nd and 3rd on Market. Featuring DJ Lars. "Awesome prizes for cool stuff."


Philly finally has karaoke lounges, also known as private booth karaoke, thanks to Yakitori Boy. This is a very awesome development. Thanks to devotdsatellite for the news. Gotta check it out ASAP.


Cebu's "industry karaoke" has moved to Wednesday nights. Which means I might drop in for just one song after dancing my feet sore at Brasils sometime. Hmm.


Jill points out that Pure has had Saturday night karaoke for ages. Pure is a gay club, with a cover for nonmembers. See their web site for details (I rarely recommend club web sites because they are rarely accurate, but this one is good).


Karaoke at Kildares stopped in July, according to B.W., who walked 20 blocks tonight only to find this out. Ouch! Poor fella... people, please call the venue first! That's why I include phone numbers. And if you find an error, please do contact me. Thanks.


I gather DJ Sara Sherr is no longer at Sals on Sundays. She's still going strong at the Khyber though.


DJ Joe H is now at McGillin's on Sundays from 8pm to midnight, in addition to Wednesdays and Fridays. Yeah! That didn't take long. Come on out to support him— I don't like the way he was treated at Locust Bar.

Speaking of Locust Bar, DJ Lars is now the regular Sunday karaoke DJ there, in addition to Ray's Happy Birthday Bar on Fridays.


Say it ain't so Joe: DJ Joe H is no longer at Locust Bar on Sundays. However, DJ Lars has stepped in, at least for now. I checked with McGillin's and Joe is still DJing there. You'll know more when I do.

Quattro Bar & Grill, Coley's Tavern and Nicholas Tavern have stepped into the fray, all in South Philly. Quattro hosts on Tuesdays, Coley's and Nicholas on Saturdays. Hosted by Biondo Entertainment Services. Thanks to Anthony for the news.


Blarney Stone hosts karaoke Saturdays at ten. I'm told it gets busy after midnight, so bring your posse and show up early to hog the mike.

Cebu is still offering karaoke Mondays at eight... but now they have a "theater-size projection screen" featuring the current karaoke performer. Here's your chance to make an ass of yourself on an even bigger scale!


Moriarty's is very definitely back for the fall. Bob is still the regular DJ, with an occasional guest DJ. My apologies for the delay in putting this listing back up.


Applebees at 15th and Locust has karaoke again on Thursday nights. Thanks to Jaz P. Alternating DJs.


National Mechanics now features DJ Joe H karaoke on Tuesdays! Great space and a great DJ, so check it out.

Rock Lobster is closed for the season (they will reopen next summer).


Applebees karaoke is no more. Thanks to Mike H for the information.


Finn McCool's is closed for renovation, and Ohara's Fish House gets underway at 9pm Wednesdays, not 7pm as previously shown. Thanks to Mike H.

Sals on 12th hosts karaoke by DJ Sara Sherr on Sundays. Thanks to devotdsatellite for spotting it.

Cebu karaoke hours are 9pm-2am Monday. Thanks to Olivar E.


Cebu, in Old City, now offers "industry karaoke" on Monday nights. Not sure about the hours. Field reports welcome.


Tuesday-night karaoke has started at Rock Lobster. Ace field reporter devotdsatellite informs me it's as awesome as anticipated. A big tent at the river's edge, a large stage suitable for groups. Recommended.


Twelve Steps Down now hosts Karaoke Obscura every first Thursday. Karaoke Obscura offers unique, homemade karaoke tracks. "[We] make all of our karaoke tracks ourselves... music we love that we will never find at other karaoke nights. We've got everything from Pavement to the Pixies to Beat Happening to 60s Psych to the Velvet Underground." See their myspace page for a songlist.


The Khyber now features DJ Sara Sherr upstairs on Mondays. Thanks to devotdsatellite.


The Trocadero Balcony Bar features karaoke, usually on the last Tuesday of every month. It's a little unpredictable, so be sure to check their website first (click on "show schedule" and look for "karaoke madness"). Full stage— great for group performances. Sometimes moves to Fridays.


Karaoke is coming to Rock Lobster— outdoor-tent karaoke on the waterfront with the best DJ in town! This isn't hype, kids, I happen to love both the venue and the DJ. I can pretty much guarantee it will be awesome. Starting July 10th.

Added karaoke nights at Finn McCool's and Oharas Fish House (both Wednesdays). Thanks to devotdsatellite. Also, monthly showtune karaoke at the M-Room.

No more Sunday karaoke at Ray's Happy Birthday Bar (they still have Friday karaoke).

Karaoke at Moriarty's is apparently on hiatus for the summer.


Tomorrow night (Thursday May 31st) at 12 Steps Down, Karaoke Obscura will test the waters with their homemade karaoke tracks. Keith of Karaoke Obscura: "[we] make all of our karaoke tracks ourselves... music we love that we will never find at other karaoke nights. We've got everything from Pavement to the Pixies to Beat Happening to 60s Psych to the Velvet Underground." This is not a recurring thing yet, but give tomorrow's debut show a try and let me know what you thought of 'em. See their myspace page for a songlist.


Applebees at 15th & Locust offers under-21-friendly karaoke on Thursdays.

Locust Bar got a smoking permit. However most people have continued to smoke outside. Holy consideration Batman!


Cheers To You now offers Thursday night karaoke right on South Street. Hastings Cafe no longer offers karaoke.


Kaiser's no longer has karaoke on Saturdays. Thanks to DJ Joe H for the update.


University City's Mill Creek Tavern has karaoke on Mondays (thanks to Trishylicious for the info).


Jolly's Piano Bar went belly-up. So no more DJ Joe H karaoke on Tuesdays.

Kaiser's Cafe now features DJ Joe H karaoke on Saturdays.


Moriarty's hasn't had karaoke for a couple weeks, what's up with that? I talked to DJ Bob and found out. As a general rule they don't have karaoke at Moriarty's over the holidays. Also, they will not have karaoke on January 20th. However they will have karaoke this coming Saturday the 13th, and will go back to their normal every-Saturday schedule beginning on the 27th.


Karaoke at Moriarty's starts at 9pm, not 10pm (thanks to Glen). I should clarify: it really does start at 9pm if there are more than few people there and ready to go. Otherwise the DJ waits until a few more singers have arrived. If you're bringing a whole posse of troubadors, well then, 9pm it is.


Delco Karaoke's's Karaoke nights at Hasting Cafe and Finnigan's Wake have been added. Check the Finnigan's Wake calendar for occasional off weeks.


RIP, 80's Karaoke at O'Neals. We hardly knew ye.


Samba Nightclub added on Thursday nights. More information would be welcome.


Puppet Karaoke has been added. Why oh why didn't I add this in the beginning? [Smacks forehead] By far the most creative DIY experience in Philly. Also an excellent cast of regulars brought to life by the amazing Alex Strang and crew. Visit the Puppet Karaoke site and check out the podcast videos. I absolutely can't say enough about this good craziness. See it before it's on pay cable! Bear in mind it's only on third Thursdays.

O'Neals now offers 80's karaoke on Thursday nights. With prizes for best and worst performance, among other things. Sounds promising! 2006-10-10

y5kkaraoke's karaoke nights in the Fishtown section of Philly have been added. See the Saturday listings.

Venue phone numbers and DJ website links have been added, where available. DJs: if I'm not linking to your website, it's simply because I don't have the link. Please contact me.

Moriarty's once again has karaoke on Saturdays (on the second floor). To my knowledge, Moriarty's is the only smoke-free karaoke venue in Philadelphia. Recommended.

Jolly's has left its recent location at 17th and Chestnut. For now at least, DJ Joe has relocated his Tuesday operations to Pazzo Pizza Bar at 41 S. 19th St. (to the right of the other Jolly's). The acoustics in the new space are kickass.

Westy's has karaoke only on Thursdays and Saturdays, not Tuesdays as previously reported. Possibly that's a change. Possibly my original informant was drunk. Who knows?

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Philly karaoke DJs: I can make your songlist searchable on this web site. Yes, for free. More fun for everyone that way. Use the contact link below to inquire about the details.

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